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Auxweg is an independent, international company specializing in the delivery of extensive custom project management solutions to its selected clients. Over 15 years of global project experience across many industries has secured an extremely strong network of trusted professionals.

The "seeds" of Auxweg are without a doubt it's 2 managing partners; born into the last generation before the internet and grew up in a world of emerging technology, knowing it would change the world forever. This time period shaped their visionary thinking, equipping them with the ability to not only understand the traditional world, but to also adapt to the evolving future and make a name for themselves.

Understanding project requirements to provide a personalized solution is pivotal to meeting client's goals. Having its own experience as a client, Auxweg has developed their business model to see things from a client's perspective to implement fully tailored, cost-effective solutions.

Auxweg's ability to seamlessly "plug-in" to client's existing departments and structures, implement a solution, and "plug-out" is second-to-none -- whether it's a short- or long-term project. If special outside assistance is needed, Auxweg will assemble a team from their trusted global network to handover the final project to the client.

Auxweg's business model and supply chain is extremely flexible; every person involved in a client's project will be trained and briefed to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle fit in place before finally, "plugging out".


Assurance of complete data protection and confidentiality of communications and identities.


Network of impeccable experts, specialists, and service providers.


Straightforward and transparent communication, direct and trustworthy commitment.